I do not need this. I bought it for myself as a TREAT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Raising my glass to you OLIN LEO HASTIN, most amazing grandfather of ALL TIME!!!!!

Child of Fire

To my brothers and sisters and every child of fire❤️
I hope when you look back
At your past of pain.
That you judge yourself gently.
That you see yourself mighty.
I hope when you let yourself touch the scar
For just the briefest whisper of a moment
That you judge yourself gently
That you see yourself mighty.

Not every blade is forged by fire.
Only the most sought.
The most durable.
The most resilient.
The most brilliant.
The sharpest blades are the ones forged by fire.

I hope when you look back
On the battlefields of your past.
That you judge yourself gently.
That you see yourself mighty.
I hope when you are counting your coin
And deciding how tall you stand
Next to the yardstick crafted by those who know nothing.
About you. About your life.
About your struggles and your triumphs.
I hope that standing there you see
The greatness you have shared
Walking this earth with kindness, acceptance.
Sharing your laughter and warmth.

Child of fire you have walked past your past.
Swam past
Ran past
Laughed past
Cried past
And on the way made a full life.
And on the way you loved and were loved.
Child of fire set down your past.
You have carried it so far. ❤️

For my sisters and brothers. And for every child of fire.

Kimmy the Goat
Secret location 😉

Hey friends! I’m posting two audio recordings along with the printed poem today. I’m super nervous about that (lame I know) but my Beloved Desert Camel homie said my poems are COMPLETELY different when I read them how I mean them. Sooooo let’s see what you think? I would love love any comments or criticism. Should I keep recording them? I hope you all have an amazing day of adventure!

❤️ Kimmy the Goat








@michaelkiwanuka thank you for getting me through this day.

I offer a sword for your fight against anxiety and depression!

It’s not magic but YOU are! ❤️


2) Write it down in your phone or whatever. Be detailed. Write down EXACTLY what you are afraid of happening. If you don’t even know that ok! That’s just more options.

3) Now TRAIN FOR THAT! Make a plan. Exercise plan, supply plan, hidden bunker plan. Make a plan for WHATEVER IT IS GOING TO TAKE to get you through that scenario!

4) Possibly the most critical step. CHOOSE YOUR MISSION FIGHT SONG!

5) THIS IS THE HARDEST STEP! As anyone with anxiety or depression can tell you, taking a step, any step, can feel impossible. I know. I get it. So let’s try this. YOU choose the step because it’s YOUR worst case scenario! Only YOU know what this mission takes. So you decide the step and how big or small it is. It may be choosing your costume. It may be 2 sit-ups. It may be charging your cellphone! It’s up to you.❤️

Never give up. Get through life how you need to get through it. Don’t worry about people judging you. They are just hiding their pain too❤️ This shit is hard. But there are people who need YOU to help THEM get through it. Yep. You🥰


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